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About Schools in Dehradun

Here you will have all the internal detailed information about schools in Dehradun in just 10 points, Read all the points and get information about the schools.


1. Best teaching staff: These schools having best faculties in the region. They are highly educated, Having great teaching skills and helpful nature for students.

2. Transport facilities: These Schools provide transport facilities to every area with good quality and comfortable buses, which have a low transport fees.

3. Medical facility: These schools have their own medical rooms which contain all kinds of tools and medicine for our students who suffer from any disease. A private doctor is always there in the room for the checkup.

4. Sports meet: These schools are always in top of rank in sports and extra-curricular activities. Our students always participated in these activities, and go for state, national, international level championships. They have best coaches for students who help them to score and win the events.

5. Library: Schools library has all kinds of books for the students. Novels, study materials, global knowledge books etc. There are reading rooms for students, and a cyber-hub for surfing anything there.

6. Smart classes: These schools provide fully smart classes for students, these classes’ helps students to understand every query very simply and easily.

7. Canteen: These schools provide canteen for students, teachers and other staff, which have hygienic foods and also provide other snacks.

8. Hostels: Fully a/c rooms are there in our hostels. We have a crowd from all the states in India and other countries too like Nepal, china, Bangladesh etc.

9. Fun trips: time to time trips are held for students for refreshing their minds from the pressure of studies.

10. Clean washrooms: These schools having clean washrooms for all teachers and students, and having fully modern and designed wash basins.